William Otway Boger DFC was from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Along with fellow officers Lieutenant R.H. Harrower and Lieutenant J.G. Tatlow, Lieutenant Boger was a recent graduate of Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario.

In February 1916, these officers reported for duty to the Fort Osborne barracks in Winnipeg. Early in July 1916, the first draft of overseas reinforcements were called for. The two officers chosen were Boger and Tatlow. In the fall of 1916 they both transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. By August 1918, Boger had been promoted to Captain.

On August 10th 1918, Captain William O. Boger, flight commander, was leading a patrol of two other Allied aircraft and led them down to attack a two-seater enemy aircraft flying about 2,000 to 3,000 feet below them. Another allied pilot, Squadron Leader Flintoft saw that behind and above Boger was a swarm of enemy Fokker aircraft. The two-seater German aircraft was a decoy and both Boger and his colleague H. Allen, an American were shot down by the Fokker aircraft.

Boger died of wounds and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). This action took place in the Montdidier area of France near the village of Boulogne.