Michael Reginald Dare DSO OMM CD was born in Montreal, Québec. Dare began his military career as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Non-Permanent Active Militia in the Dufferin and Haldimand Rifles in Brantford, Ontario, before WW2. His active service began in 1940 as a Lieutenant infantry officer in the Royal Canadian Regiment.

In July 1940, he was posted overseas. After various assignments he served with Headquarters, 4th Canadian Armoured Division in Normandy and during the clearing of the Channel Ports until September 1944, when he was appointed Brigade Major, 4th Armoured Brigade. In March 1945, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and assumed the appointment of assistant adjutant and quartermaster-general, Headquarters, 4th Canadian Armoured Division.

He returned to Canada in 1946 and after several appointments was selected to attend the Imperial Defence College, London, England in January 1965. After several other appointments, on September 15, 1969, Dare was promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed Vice Chief of Defence Staff in Ottawa.

After retiring as Vice Chief, Dare was seconded to the Privy Council Office where he was the author of a report, in 1972, on how the government should respond to emergencies such as the FLQ crisis in October 1970.

In 1973, Lieutenant General Dare was appointed to the Order of the Military Merit. In 1969, he was married and had five children.