John Clarke Fee DFC (2) was born at Toronto Ontario and raised in Calgary Alberta. On 5 July 1937, he joined the RCAF as a Provisional Pilot Officer and qualified as a pilot on 20 May 1938.

In 1942 after having put in over 800 instructional hours in Canada, and holding the rank of Squadron Leader he was sent to England to join No 41 Royal Air Force Spitfire Squadron. Within 30 days of arriving, Squadron Leader Fee was made commanding officer of the unit.

During the next three months he led the unit on 48 sweeps over France. By the end of the summer he had completed over 70 missions. On 19 July 1942, he was given command of No. 412 Squadron RCAF, based at Merston in Sussex. This was just in time to take part in the August 19th raid on Dieppe.

During this engagement he led the squadron three times over Dieppe when it was twice engaged by enemy FW-190s. For the success of these missions he was awarded his first Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).

On 26 November 1942, Fee was made Wing Commander as leader of a new wing which now included 412 Squadron. In the following months he led the wing on offensive sweeps over France. They were frequently heavily engaged and almost always outnumbered.

On 17 January 1943, Fee, flying top cover, led his wing on the second mission of the day, a strafing attack on trains near St. Valery France. He and a wingman were attacked by a force of Focke-Wulf 190s and, in the fierce battle that followed, both were shot down and killed.

For his skill and determination in engaging the enemy, Wing Commander Fee was awarded his second DFC posthumously on 25 January 1943.