Acheson Gosford Goulding MC DFC CdeG was born at Stoney Mountain Manitoba, son of Mr. Goulding and Mrs. Gwendolyn Marie Goulding. He was educated at St. Johnís College and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

In December 1914 Goulding enlisted in the 28th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force and on 29 June 1916 received his commission and on September 18, 1916 was seconded to the Royal Flying Corps (RFC).

Goulding flew with the RFC in Macedonia in support of the British army fighting the Bulgar forces. With No. 17 Squadron, which he joined in February 1917 and a newly formed 150 squadron, to which he was transferred as a flight commander in April 1918, Goulding flew numerous bombing raids, fighter patrols, strafing attacks and reconnaissance missions.

In May 1917 he and another pilot bombed a Bulgarian transport column of 26 horse drawn wagons, smashing some of them and causing a general stampede.

In March 1918, Lieutenant Goulding was awarded the Military Cross (MC).

His citation reads, in part, as follows: While escorting a bomber squadron, he attacked and drove down a hostile two seater machine. He showed great determination and gallantry on many other occasions.

By the end of his tour, Captain Goulding was unofficially credited with nine planes destroyed, some of them shared and he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). In September 1918 the government of France decorated him with the Croix de Guerre.

In WW2 Goulding re-enlisted in the RCAF and served as Commanding Officer of No. 18 Service Flying Training School at Gimli Manitoba with the rank of Group Captain.