Lawrence Wilton Skey DFC BCom was born at London Ontario (ON), son of Harvey Frederick Skey and Nancy Forney (Johnston) Skey. He was educated at Ridley College, St. Catharines (ON) and the University of Toronto where he received his BCom. After graduating he began a career with Clarkson, Gordon & Co., chartered accountants. In 1936 he joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) and during WW2 from 1939 to 1944 remained with the RAF. From September 1939 to May 7th 1940 Skey was attached to No. 228 Squadron RAF Coastal Command.

He participated in many patrols aiding crews of torpedoed ships and looking for German warships trying to break out into the Atlantic Ocean. He was twice "Mentioned in Despatches" and on February 20th 1940 was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for valour and courage in flying operations against the enemy. After receiving his DFC, Skey was very active in the Norwegian Campaign which among other things included many reconnaissance flights over Norwegian harbours and fjords keeping an eye on German battleships "in hiding" there. In addition Skey saw service in Singapore, India, Malaya, Suez Malta and Gibraltar.

In July 1944 he transferred to the RCAF and later Wing Commander Skey commanded a Canadian squadron attached to Coastal Command and based variously in the Shetland Islands, the Hebrides and Northern Ireland. In 1946 Skey retired from the RCAF and served as a Member of Parliament, representing the riding of "Toronto Trinity" until 1949.

He began a career in the investment business and rose to become President and Director, York Associates Limited, Toronto. He also became Vice President of Canadian Scudder Investment Fund Ltd. and director of several related companies. His second marriage was to Kathryn Jean Elizabeth Macdonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Archer Macdonald. He has one son, Lawrence Johnston Skey.