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Individual Donors

The Canada Hall of Valour website is operated by the Canadian Veterans Hall of Valour Inc., a non-profit charitable organization that issues 'charitable tax receipts'. Donations will assist the corporation in reaching its goal of displaying more than 1400 veterans portraits and mini-biographies.

Checks can be sent to the following address in complete confidentiality. Tax receipts will be issued for every donation. Thank you for your support!

Donations should be made payable to:

Vets Hall of Valour

And forwarded to this address:

Jacques Lévesque
1819 Northlands Drive
Orleans Ontario
K4A 3S2

Become a Financial Supporter



Platinum--------------$ 25,000+

Gold------------------$ 10,000+

Silver------------------$ 5,000+

Bronze----------------$ 1,000+

Benefactor--------------$ 500+

Friend-----------$ 10 to 100.00

Gold--------------$ 10,000+

J.D. Irving Limited          Saint John NB

Bronze--------------$ 1000+

Honorable John R. Matheson            Kingston ON

Valcom                                                     Guelph ON

George E. Toller                                      Ottawa ON

Queen’s University Science 1949

Benefactors--------------$ 500+

Richard Blair                                      Cochrane AB

James A. MacKillican                          Renfrew ON

Lester B. Pearson High School          Ottawa ON

Harold 'Dutch' Holland                        Ottawa ON

Eric Labrosse                                        Ottawa ON

Donors--------------$ 100 to 500

Lieutenant General Reginald Lane         Vancouver BC

Arnold Kay                                                        Ottawa ON

Colonel Harold E. (Dutch) Holland               Ottawa ON

Donald Macdonald                                           Ottawa ON

Ed Carbonell                                                     Ottawa ON

Clark McDow                                                     Ottawa ON

Gordon Kritsch                                                  Ottawa ON

Donald B. Young                                              Ottawa ON

Robert Martin                                                   Ottawa ON

Norman R. Gutcher                                        Renfrew ON

Gerry & Roberta Townsend               Carleton Place ON

Gerald MacPhail                                  Carleton Place ON

Allan R. Honeywell                                          Ottawa ON

Shawn D. Bouley                                              Kanata ON

Gerald & Joan Spooner                            Chalk River ON

Elizabeth & Wm. McRae                                 Nepean ON

J. Doran Vienneau                               New Maryland NB

Mary J. Burrill                                                   Ottawa ON

A. W. Ring                                                       Cornwall ON

Robert C. Brown                                             Arnprior ON

Ernest W. Wells                                               Ottawa ON

Patricia Potter                                                  Ottawa ON

Ted Smith Building Services                          Ottawa ON

J. Douglas Pryde                                             Oakville ON

John L. Bennett                                                Ottawa ON

A. J. Abraham                                                   Ottawa ON

John & Gail Stanton                                         Ottawa ON

William Saunders                                            Nepean ON

Colin King                                                          Ottawa ON

A. Rathburn                                                       Ottawa ON

Lyman & Edna Payne                                    Renfrew ON

Mary E. & Nadeen Francis                             Ottawa ON

Friends of the Hall of Valour------$ 10 to 99

Charles Peterson                                       Toronto ON

Leslie Peate                                                 Ottawa ON

Barbara J. Campbell                                  Ottawa ON

W. L. Stewart                                              Ottawa ON

Betty J. Thomson                                       Ottawa ON

Steven McPhee                                          Orleans ON

William Craig                                              Nepean ON

Ted Ferrier                                                   Ottawa ON

Duncan & Rosemary Adams                     Kanata ON

F. M. Barnes                                                Ottawa ON

Kenneth & Elizabeth Fowler                    Orleans ON

Marc & Susan Bedard                               Orleans ON

Doug & Iona McKay                                   Nepean ON

Kevin & Susan Carter                                Nepean ON

John Johnston                                       Kemptville ON

Howard McCann                                   Gloucester ON

Douglas Polley                                   Smiths Falls ON

William Brookes                                          Ottawa ON

Irvin Beare                                                  Nepean ON

Albert Scott                                        Cumberland ON

James Schillemore                              Deep River ON

Margaret Caldwell                                      Ottawa ON

Shirley Bethell                                             Kanata ON

Geo & Marlene Waldron                   Green Valley ON

Peter Sleeman                                          Cornwall ON

Rick Wyatt                                                  Cardinal ON

Kelly Yates                                            Deep River ON

Ronald Abernethy                                      Ottawa ON

Colleen Lloyd                                              Nepean ON

William Kline                                                Ottawa ON

Nicole & Tom Nash                                     Ottawa ON

Barbara Stimpson                                      Ottawa ON

Denis Pellerin                                           Gatineau QC

Fred & Kath. Clarke                                   Nepean ON

F. Mae Johnston                                         Ottawa ON

Carl Vuyesteke                                           Nepean ON

Mary Lynn Burns                                        Ottawa ON

Carlo Alberelli                                             Ottawa ON

Denis & Pat Poulson                                  Nepean ON

Jean M. Jossinet                                         Ottawa ON

Ronald Mutrie                                         Pembroke ON

Diana Bagley                                               Ottawa ON

Diana Coultish                                             Ottawa ON

Russell Miller                                               Ottawa ON

Barbara Gilbert                       Ville Saint-Laurent QC

Frank & Elaine Connah                 Carleton Place ON

Murray Regush                                           Orleans ON

Jim & Marg Macartney                              Ottawa ON

Mark Radke                                              Stittsville ON

Lynn Chauvin                                                Vanier ON

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